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“Words, words, words.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Welcome to Terri Diem Resolutions, LLC.

I’m neither going to word you to death with a lot of text on numerous Web pages explaining what arbitration and mediation is all about, nor am I going to tell you how I do it.  Since you have come to my site, you are most likely an attorney and are already familiar with the discipline.

What I do hope to illuminate is why you should engage me, dispelling any indecision on your part, whether it is “to be or not to be” me. (I know it should be “I”— poetic license.)

So why me?  Because I’m here for you!

Who I am…

Who I am…

Hi!  I’m Terri Diem. Thanks for visiting
my website to learn more about
Terri Diem Resolutions, LLC and
to look into my qualifications.

My Story…

  • Experience

    I’m an experienced mediator and arbitrator, having an extensive background in the legal profession. My 38 years of experience — serving as trial judge, public defender, county attorney, chief deputy district attorney, private practitioner, and mediator/arbitrator for the last 14 years — uniquely qualify me to work with you and your clients.

  • ADR & Me

    It was these years of serving in the above-mentioned legal capacities that have led me to the arbitrator/mediator discipline. I realized that all my previous legal experiences would ideally combine to help bring disputing parties together to reach a mutual accord.

  • Focus

    I’ve been down these circuitous roads before and can help your clients find their way.

    • Civil/Commercial
    • Construction
    • Domestic Relations
    • Elder Law & Probate
    • Employment
    • Personal Injury
    • Real Estate
  • Cost-Effectiveness

    I attribute my 95% success rate in the field to my steadfast approach to the principles of fluid, honest communication, my ability to listen and not make judgments, a genuine empathy for both parties, and a drive “to get the deal done” while holding down the bottom line.  I can be cost-effective because:

    • My rates are reasonable.
    • There is no charge for travel within the state.
    • There are no administrative fees.
    • I am cost-conscious.
    • There is no extra charge for after-session follow-ups.
  • Intangibles

    Specifically, as Terri Diem Resolutions, what I offer you and your ADR clients are:

    • Intuition: able to get a quick feel for the situation and the parties,
    • Compassion: generate empathy for each party since there are at least two sides to every case,
    • Personality Awareness: sometimes it’s not about the issues but about the individuals,
    • Neutrality: objective assessment of the “big picture” and fair evaluation of the “devil’s details”,
    • Confidentiality: all associated privileges are paramount and always honored,
    • Preparation and Persistence: well informed and follow-up if case is not settled at mediation.

My Story…

The Honorable Terri S. Diem (Retired)
has a “big picture” perspective.

As a result of the variety of my 38 years of legal experiences — acting as a judge, prosecutor, public defender, county attorney, private practitioner, educator and dispute resolution expert — I have seen it all.

  • ADR Experience & Qualifications

    As a panelist for JAMS, an international ADR firm, and for Conflict Resolution Services, Judge Diem has provided ADR services on a full-time basis for more than 14 years.

    She has also done educational presentations for the Colorado Women's Bar Association, the Colorado Defense Lawyer's Association, the City and County of Denver's Legal Department, the Aurora City Attorney's Office, Wyoming Trial Lawyers, Wyoming Bar Association as well as for several private law firms.

    In her judicial capacity, Judge Diem presided as a settlement judge for other judges in the judicial district. While in private practice, she had occasions to serve as a mediator in domestic relations disputes. She also participated as a judge in a year-long felony case flow management project in the Fifth Judicial District, involving facilitation between all interested parties, such as judges, private attorneys, law enforcement, probation, district attorneys and public defenders.

  • Other Experience

    Judge Diem served as the Eagle County Court Judge for eight years. During that time, she sat as an Acting District Court Judge and served on three Colorado Supreme Court Committees. She also graduated from the State Judicial Leadership Institute.

    Prior to that, over a period of 21 years, Ms. Diem was a Deputy Public Defender, Deputy County Attorney, Deputy and Chief District Attorney, and finally a private practitioner.

  • Education, Awards, Professional Activities

    • Graduated from the University of Utah, cum laude, and from the University of Wyoming Law School.
    • Named Top Lawyer by 5280 Magazine — 2015.
    • Colorado Bar Association.
    • Arapahoe County Bar Association — Co-chair, Access to Justice Committee; Arapahoe County Bar and 18th Judicial District.
    • Turelli Foundation – Board of Directors.
    • National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals — Charter Member, Colorado Chapter.

Having lived in the Vail area for 22 years and worked with the Denver legal profession for the last 14 years resolving disputes, I have developed the unique ability to understand legal and community dynamics in both rural and urban settings.

I now reside in Denver and provide ADR services through-out Colorado, Wyoming and the Mountain States region.

Contact Me…

Contact Me…

Please contact me for scheduling, rates, questions, or just to chat about your case.

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